Why am I here?
Why am I here?
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He is the One, the One and Only One.

The One we all need but is in need of no one Himself.

There is no one like Him.

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Live with Allah Al Muheet
Live with Allah
Al Muheet

In this valuable course, Live with Allah, we will learn about the Most Beautiful Names of Allah and how we will live under the Shade of these Names so that we may live a happy life in both abodes.

Live with the Qur'an
Live with the Qur'an

This course covers study of the Qur’an from the beginning. Regardless of any situation we may face, the Qur’an is truly the paradise of our heart. Nothing can be more delightful than studying and pondering over the words of Allah (سبحانه وتعالى).

Live with the Prophet's Way
Live with the
Prophet's Way

In this valuable course, we will look at, by the permission of Allah, the qualities of the Prophet (ﷺ), as a person and his manners, so that he may be our beloved, our role model and the one whom we follow in his way in our life and our dealings. This is until we reach in peace to the eternal abode.

Garden of the Qur'an
Garden of the Qur'an

This course consists of explanations of small Surahs for our children in order to raise a generation that carries the Qur’an and lives under its shade.

The class is held in Arabic with English subtitles in order for our children to get accustomed to studying the deen in Arabic.

Garden of the Names of Allah
Garden of the Qur'an

In this course our children will learn about beautiful names of Allah, how to live with Allah's names and how to apply it in their lives.

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Course and Resources

O Allah, help me remember You, to be grateful to You, and to worship You in excellence (Ihsan)


It is Allah who has created seven heavens and of the earth, the like of them. [His] command descends among them so you may know that Allah is over all things competent and that Allah has encompassed all things in knowledge.

(Surah At Talaq, 65:12)

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